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This is Article 3 for this series. You can find first article here and second article here.

About this Article

In this article you will be able to do the following things:-

  • Create an Auth based system.
  • Use JWT to verify the tokens
  • CRUD(Create Read Update Delete) operations for Todo using GraphQL
  • Write tests for it.

Creating a Auth based system

We need to have a system where users can create a todo only when they authenticate themselves as real user. For example, if we don’t authenticate our routes, anyone can create a todo and spammers can spam the database. Also we need to keep track of todo…

This is Article 2 for this series. You can find first article here. Our task now is to setup our graphQL API and work with it.

About this Article

In this article you will learn the following things:-

  • About GraphQL and why to use it
  • Setup GraphQL
  • Register User to Database
  • Login User and get token using JWT
  • Write tests for the above setup

GraphQL is the better REST

Over the past decade, REST has become the standard (yet a fuzzy one) for designing web APIs. It offers some great ideas, such as stateless servers and structured access to resources. …

It’s just a simple logo

This article is for people who are interested in learning to write optimized code using GraphQL with unit testing using mocha and chai.

Before we start, we need to define the functionality of our API. The application will be a simple todo app. It will create a user in a database who will be able to create, get and delete todos. If you don’t understand the code or get stuck somewhere, you can check out the code from my github repository linked at the end of the series of this article.

About the series

This is a series of 3 articles which will…

You learn from your mistakes

A little background
For months my eyes were set on one goal : the prestigious and famous Google Summer of Code. I had been contributing to my organization like crazy, creating PRs after PRs, raising issues and helping out fellow contributors and other aspiring GSoCers on the community’s slack team.

The day of the results came and out of the two slots given to my organization my project wasn’t in the list of selected projects. It was hard at first, I thought I had done everything right but still my name wasn’t up there.
The next morning I decided not to…

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